This collection contains research and educational materials by Yustinus Calvin Gai Mali, a Fulbright student in the Language, Literacy, and Technology program at Washington State University.

Recent Submissions

  • Project-based EFL speaking activity: The English Funfair 

    Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai (Accents Asia, 2018)
    This paper explicates and justifies activities of the Student English Funfair (SEF) project, a campus event that is used to assess students English as a Foreign Language (EFL) speaking performances in an authentic setting ...
  • Motivational Factors in the Indonesian EFL Writing Classroom 

    Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai (2015-04)
    Despite the essence of motivation as one of primary determinants for students’ learning achievement, issues of factors influencing students’ motivation in learning a particular subject, particularly English as a Foreign ...
  • Students' attributions on their English speaking enhancement 

    Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai (2015-01)
    Attribution refers to explanations and reasons that people provide for progress, achievement, and even failure towards something they have experienced, particularly in their language learning. This study aimed to investigate ...