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dc.creatorLeachman, Jacob
dc.creatorPfotenhauer, J. M.
dc.creatorNellis, G. F.
dc.description.abstractSolid hydrogenic pellets are used as fuel for fusion energy machines like the ITER device. This paper discusses the numerical modeling of a Pellet Production System (PPS) that is used to generate these pellets. The PPS utilizes a source of supercritical helium to provide the cooling that is necessary to proceed, liquefy, and solidify hydrogenic material that is ultimately extruded and cut into fuel pellets. The specific components within the PPS include a pre-cooling heat exchanger, a liquefier, and a twin-screw solidifying extruder. This paper presents numerical models of each component. These numerical models are used as design tools to predict the performance of the respective devices. The performance of the PPS is dominated by the heat transfer coefficient and viscous dissipation associated with the solidifying hydrogenic fluid in the twin-screw extruder. This observation motivates experimental efforts aimed at precise measurement of these quantities.en_US
dc.publisherTransactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference–CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
dc.rightsCopyright 2010, American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics. The following article appeared in Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference–CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering. It may be found at
dc.subjectCryogen properties
dc.subjectHeat exchange
dc.subjectTwin-screw extruder
dc.titleThermophysical property modeling of a hydrogenic pellet production system
dc.description.citationJ.W. Leachman, J.M. Pfotenhauer, and G.F. Nellis, Thermophysical property modeling of a hydrogenic pellet production system,� Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 1218, (2010), 1570-1577.

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    This collection features research by Jacob Leachman, assistant professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) at Washington State University.

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