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Kemp Lab of Molecular Anthropology and Ancient DNA


This collection features scholarly work by Cara Monroe, clinical assistant professor in the anthropology department at Washington State University. Monroe, is currently a Research Associate and the Lab Manager at the Kemp Lab of Molecular Anthropology and Ancient DNA. As such she has her hands in most projects that occur in the lab, including work on mtDNA diversity of Alaskan Natives, mtDNA of northern fur seals, and turkey domestication. She is a PhD student in archaeology at UC-Santa Barbara and her primary research focuses on hunter and gatherer archaeology in the Southwest United States, Central California and Baja California with an emphasis on using ancient DNA to investigate: the structure, timing, and demographics of migration events, hunter-gatherer/forager biological interaction, and relatedness of prehistoric populations at the inter and intra site level. Her dissertation research focuses on the Yukisma cemetery site (CA-SCL-38) in Santa Clara County, CA. Additional projects include: analyzing aDNA from Channel Islands burials as well as finishing a project which investigates mtDNA of Yuman speakers and their prehistoric interactions with Pueblo groups of the American Southwest.

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