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  • Automated Health Event Detection in Smart Homes 

    Dahmen, Jessamyn (2019)
    Unsupervised anomaly detection techniques can extract from data a wealth of information about unusual events. While this information can at times offer valuable insights on critical health concerns, often anomaly detection ...
  • Computational approaches for the prediction of apicoplast-targeted proteins 

    Motivation:The cells of eukaryotic organisms contain subunits called organelles. The apicoplast is a unique organelle found in a group of parasites, known as Apicomplexa, that are responsible for a wide range of serious ...
  • Machine Learning Challenges For Automated Prompting In Smart Homes 

    Das, Barnan (2014)
    As the world's population ages, there is an increased prevalence of diseases related to aging, such as dementia. Caring for individuals with dementia is frequently associated with extreme physical and emotional stress, ...