This archive contains data collected over the time that Gary Collins did research at Washington State University (WSU) between 1985 and the present. This research was supported externally by the National Science Foundation under a succession of nine multi-year single-investigator grant awards to WSU from the Metals Program (later, MMN Program) of the Division of Materials Research. The grants were:

  • 1987-90: NSF grant DMR 86-19688, Metals Program, Point Defects in Metals Studied by Hyperfine Interactions. ($240,000).
  • 1990-93: NSF grant DMR 90-14163, Metals Program, Atomic Structure and Defects in Metals and Alloys Studied by Hyperfine Interactions. ($275,000).
  • 1993-96: NSF grant DMR 93-13702, Metals Program, Point Defects in Intermetallic Compounds. ($325,000).
  • 1996-99: NSF grant DMR 96-12306, Metals Program, Defects and Diffusion in Intermetallic Compounds. ($356,320).
  • 2001-04: NSF grant DMR 00-91681, Metals Program, Studies of Point Defects in Intermetallics using PAC ($419,556).
  • 2005-09: NSF grant DMR 05-04843, Metals Program, Lattice Location of Solutes and Diffusion in Intermetallics. ($500,000).
  • 2009-13: NSF grant DMR 09-04096, Metals Program, Diffusion in Rare-Earth Binary and Ternary Intermetallics Studied using PAC ($420,000).
  • 2014-17: NSF grant DMR 14-10159, Metals and Metallic Nanostructures, Diffusion and solute-solute interactions in intermetallic compounds, ($360,000).
  • 2018-21: NSF grant DMR 18-09531, Metals and Metallic Nanostructures, Partition of solute atoms among sublattices in intermetallic compounds,. ($408,278)

Links to further information about grant activities can be found under Collins’s ORCID URL, including links to NSF’s non-technical descriptions of the projects.

Recent Submissions

  • Research Group Data Archive, 1985-2018 

    Collins, Gary S. (2018-09)
    Included here are two parallel archives, one of raw spectral DATA and the other of spectral ANALYSIS. There is a small number of other spectra, such as of positron lifetimes, x-ray diffractograms, “DATA” contains raw ...