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dc.creatorLapin, Sergey
dc.creatorZaeem, Mohsen Asle
dc.creatorMatveev, Konstantin
dc.description.abstractAcoustic stimulation is a promising method for increasing drainage of non-Newtonian fluids through porous structures in various applications. In this study, a mathematical model is developed for unsteady flow of a bi-viscous incompressible fluid in a circular straight channel. Longitudinal vibrations are superimposed on the flow driven by changing pressure gradients along the channel. Simulations are carried out for a range of relevant dimensionless parameters. Effects of vibration amplitude, frequency, and fluid viscosity ratio on the enhancement of mean flow rate are discussed
dc.description.sponsorshipWashington State University
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectFluid dynamics
dc.subjectNon-newtonian fluid
dc.subjectNumerical modeling
dc.subjectVirbration flow
dc.titleThe effect of vibration on flow rate of non-newtonian fluid
dc.description.citationLapin, Sergey et al.(2010, March 26). The effect of vibration on flow rate of non-newtonian fluid. Poster presented at the Washington State University Academic Showcase, Pullman, WA.

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