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dc.creatorBredthauer, Alison Vanessa 0:00
dc.description.abstractOne of the most impressive structural elements of ancestral Puebloan cultureis the masonry tower, a structure most commonly found during the Pueblo III (A.D.1150-1300) period of northern San Juan region occupation. This time period wasassociated with dramatic and significant social changes that characterized the decadesbefore the ultimate depopulation of the region in the 1300s. The following thesisresearch explores both the variability in construction and context of towers in order tobetter understand how they functioned during this time period. This work combinesprimary tower research collected in southeastern Utah with previous studies of towersin southwestern Colorado. The results are a new understanding of towers in southeastUtah as well as a series of reformulated definitions for towers as an architecturalfeature class which encompass the variability and similarities present in towerconstruction and context. These definitions contribute to our ability to address thepossibilities of tower function.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDepartment of Anthropology, University of Coloradoen_US
dc.subjectCedar Mesa (San Juan County, Utah)en_US
dc.subjectPueblo IIen_US
dc.subjectPueblo IIIen_US
dc.subjectExcavations (Archaeology)en_US
dc.subjectMasonry toweren_US
dc.subjectTower researchen_US
dc.titleTowering enigma: an examination of late Pueblo II and Pueblo III towers in the northern San Juan regionen_US
dc.typeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation
dc.description.citationBredthauer, A. V. (2010) Towering enigma: an examination of late Pueblo II and Pueblo III towers in the northern San Juan region. Masters Thesis, University of Colorado, 245 pp.

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