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dc.contributor.editorClaire Mikalson: Chief Editor; Joshua Clark: Nonfiction/Poetry Editor; Rachelle Flynn: Art and Photography Editor; Thomas Fortune: Fiction Editor; Scott Robinson: Media Consulanten_US
dc.description.abstractThey Are Coming by Gary Kawamura p. 3 - Million Dollar Lincolns Part 1 by Patrick McDonnell, Illustrated by Jamie Wilson p. 5 - The Wife of the Dead by Michael Copper p. 25 - Fixer-Upper by Dane Graham p. 35 - Suburbia by Gary Kawamura p. 45 - Sweet Smoke by Nikki Brisbon p. 57 - Something Disturbing by Gary Kawamura p. 64 - Million Dollar Lincolns Part 2 by Patrick McDonnell, Illustrated by Jamie Wilson p. 86 - The North Way by Schuyler Lystad p. 15 - There Are Some Things I Will Only Address in Fiction by by Michael Cooper (Editor’s Choice) p. 69 - Ciao Bruto: Moving through a Man’s World by Dorothy Worden p. 79 - The Man Bags My Groceries by Walter Schlect p. 23 - Saturday Morning Supermarket by Devlin Montfort p. 30 - Elegy for My Father by Gary Kawamura p. 32 - Internet Sonnet by Desislava Parashkevova p. 43 - The Sniper by Monika Kriebel p. 46 - If the Dance Floor by Desislava Parashkevova p. 55 - Please, If You would, Don’t Forget about Me Yet, Not Just Yet by Grant Holly p. 66 - Leftovers by Walter Schlect (Editor’s Choice) p. 77 - sprawl: great tasting goodness by Gabriel Brown (Editor’s Choice) p. 2 - meteorite mountain chugach range by Peter Reichardt p. 14 - backyard shadows by Alan Abdulkader p. 24 - almost by Dan Watson p. 29 - …and sometimes it looks right back at you by Dan Watson p. 31 - red chair by Brian Mele p. 34 - first snow by Brittany Giesen p. 42 - sprawl: great tasting goodness by Gabriel Brown (Editor’s Choice) p. 44 - lookout by Brian Russell p. 48 - snake by Brian Russell p. 54 - worthington glacier by Peter Reichardt p. 56 - sprawl: great tasting goodness by Gabriel Brown (Editor’s Choice) p. 63 - oasis by Jodi Prout p. 65 - untitled by Grabriel Brown p. 68 - bathroom vestiges by Alan Abdulkader p. 76 - greek by Siro (Lin he) p. 78 - barn by Thomas Wright p. 85 - An Interview with Sherman Alexie conducted by Claire Mikalson p. 49 - An Interview with Susan Power conducted by Claire Mikalson p. 73en_US
dc.publisherWashington State University, Department of English, Pullman, WAen_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectAmerican literature
dc.titleLandEscapes 2008
dc.title.alternativeLand escapes 2008en_US
dc.typeUndergraduate Journal

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