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dc.contributor.editorJessica Schmidt: Editor In Chief; Lainey Guddat: Poetry Editor; Maddie Starkovick: Poetry Editors; Elyse Canfield: Art Editor; Simmone Quesnell: Art Editor; Jillian Clark: Fiction Editor; Angela Sams Fiction Editor; Trina Jones Nonfiction Editor; Jenn Kiehne: Nonfiction Editor; Creston White: Music Editor; Adam Paniagua: Web Manager; Henry Ney: Web Editor/Cover Designer; Walter Schlect: Marketing Directoren_US
dc.description.abstractForeword from the Editor by Jessica J. Schmidt p. II - Chocolate by Kelley McDaniel (Editor’s Choice) p. 45 - Stress by Jeremy Dorn p. 83 - Caught by Dustin E. Hall p. 92 - Loon Lake by Jenny Draper p. 3 - The Camaraderie of the Road by Jenae Reese p. 21 - New York’s Finest: A Pair of Rooms, A Pair of Meals. New York, NY. 10020 Part II by Alex Forrest p. 26 - Disney World by Isis Isis Johana Lara (Editor’s Choice) p. 74 - A Sort of Ribbon by Donna Evans p. 86 - Wild Fire by David Plell p. 1 - Father’s Choice by Edie-Marie Roper p. 10 - Spring Rose by Edie-Marie Roper p. 12 - You’re Fine by M. Michelle Graves-Harwood p. 31 - Oakland by Rachael Nelson p. 32 - When We Breathless Sleep by Sheri Rysdam p. 57 - toxins of the affluent by Sheri Rysdam p. 72 - Oakland II by Rachael Nelson p. 81 - Unannounced Reliance (Editor’s Choice) by Zach Hightower p. 85 - Mandarin by Kat Chew p. 81 - Exaltation by Kamila Jasionowicz p. 2 - Atoms and Molecules 2 by Molly Wicks p. 13 - Cinque Chapel by Dan Watson p. 14 - Alone in Silence by Ainsley Nix p. 15 - The Horse’s Silence by Ainsley Nix p. 16 - Holiday by Karri Dieken p. 17 - Part Mary Part Bird by Eva Smith p. 18 - Untitled by Emily Wood p. 19 - Patrick by Sean Wood (Editor’s Choice) p. 20 - Lukas Waiting by Karri Dieken p. 25 - FreeBird by Eva Smith p. 25 - Your Heart Always by Sara Chemodurow p. 33 - Atoms and Molecules I by Molly Wicks p. 38 - never seen anything quite like it by Paul Nunn p. 39 - Stills from Breaking Building 1 part 1 by Colby Jennings p. 40 - Seeing Clean Water in Haiti by Sean Parsons p. 41 - Raining in Fiesta by Molly Wicks p. 42 - A Coexistence in Juxtaposition by Mellissa Sue Fernandez p. 43 - Jellyfish by Austin Hales p. 44 - Empty by Ainsley Nix p. 61 - Underfoot by Emily Wood p. 62 - A Certain Kind of Striped Grass by Molly Wicks p. 63 - Ruralism by Ainsley Nix p. 64 - Pixelations by Heather Losey McGeachy p. 65 - Opposing Image by Lauren Hughes p. 73 - Rising Smoke by Tori Whittall p. 82 - Puer Narus Est Nobis by Zach A. Peterson p. 66 - An Interview with Kate Greenstreet: Experiments in Intersections and Understanding Lainey Guddat by p. 27 - An Interview with Margo Tamez : Finding a Voice in Community by Lainey Guddat p. 58en_US
dc.publisherWashington State University, Department of English, Pullman, WAen_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectAmerican literatureen_US
dc.titleLandEscapes 2010
dc.title.alternativeLand escapes 2010en_US

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