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dc.contributor.editorLainey Guddat: Editor In Chief; Drew Pankow: Web Editor; Jillian Clark: Fiction Editor; Angela Sams: Fiction Editor; Jenn Kiehne: Nonfiction Editor; Maddie Starkovick: Nonfiction Editor; Zach Hightower: Poetry Editor; Molly Jones: Poetry Editor; Tori Whittall: Poetry Editor; Lauren Becker: Art Editor; Dustin Hall: Art Editor; Claire Walsh: Art Editor; Creston White: Music Editor; Simmone Quesnell: Marketing Directoren_US
dc.description.abstractForeword from the Editor by Lainey Guddat p. iv – The Humble Spud by Erin Nicolai p. 13 – Regret by Rand Stevens p. 43 – Personal Statement by Demee Williams p. 64 – Room 8 by Demee Williams (Editor’s Choice) p. 65 - Early One Morning by Ashley Mattsen p. 2 – High Life by Evans Reyes p. 22 – Personal Statement by Jair Brooks p. 28 – Lights by Jar Brooks (Editors’ Choice) p. 29 – Tiger Lilies by Lane Culton p. 52 – Bachelor Party of the Living Dead by Taylor Bonzer p. 77 – He Do by Drew Toop p. 1 – Orange by Sarah Moody p. 5 – Lemons by Taylor White p. 19 – Thanksgiving by Taylor White p. 20 – Jamie by Luis Sanchez p. 27 – We Want You by Melissa Juhnke p. 42 – Three Peaces by Ben Bunting p. 49 – Personal Statement by Jennifer L. Kurz p. 54 – We All Fall by Jennifer L. Kurz (Editors’ Choice) p. 55 – Little Wing by Ruth Nelson p. 57 – Down by Jameson O’Brien p. 61 – Wondering by Tayler Vasilauskas p. 82 – Boy Flies Home by Brent Nice p. 84 – Personal Statement by Alan Abdulkader p. vii – Toes of a Giant by Brook Troutman p. 4 – Personal Statement by Danica Wixom p. 7 – More Than Watchmen Wait for the Morning by Danica Wixom (Editor’s Choice) p. 9 – Grounded by Chris Bonnington p. 10 – Salk Pacific by Josie Petersen p. 11 – Resistance by Arzu Aysin Tekindor p. 12 – Solstice by Emily Wood p. 18 – So… by Ariel Popp p. 21 – Which Way? By Daniel Vickoren p. 26 – Off White by Jillian Ranney p. 41 – Life is Heavy by Arzu Aysin Tekindor p. 45 – Information by Alan Abdulkader p. 46 – Space by Alan Adkulkader p. 47 Heli-Seeds by Chris Bonnington p. 48 – Washout by Jillian Ranney p. 51 – The Bench by Amanda Porter p. 56 – Personal Statement by Logan Westom p. 58 – Warped Tour 2010: Anti Flag by Logan Westom (Editors’ Choice) p. 59 – With all of Me by Lauren Hughes p. 63 – Oven by Austin Hale p. 73 Silence by Alan Abdulkader p. 74 – Abandon House by Austin Hales p. 75 – Shut Up, Eating by Melissa Juhnke p. 76 – Empty House by Erin Richardson p. 83en_US
dc.publisherWashington State University, Department of English, Pullman, WAen_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectAmerican literatureen_US
dc.titleLandEscapes 2011
dc.title.alternativeLand escapes 2011en_US

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