This community features publications and educational materials created by the WSU Extension, a network of agricultural experts across Washington state. With 39 locations throughout the state, WSU Extension builds the capacity of individual, organization, businesses and communities, empowering them to find solutions for local issues and to improve their quality of life. Extension collaborates with communities to create a culture of life-long learning and is recognized for its accessible, learner-centered, relevant, high-quality, unbiased educational programs.

WSU Extension began in 1913, a year ahead of federal legislation authorizing the present extension system. In that year, Washington state authorized a Bureau of Farm Development headquartered at Washington State College and provided for the appointment and maintenance of agricultural experts across the state. By then, however, George A. Nelson, the first county extension worker, had been on the job for more than two months. Nelson was appointed as agriculturist for Wahkiakum County December 12, 1912. He was absorbed into the new Bureau. Pioneer extension educators established a philosophy that’s still relevant today: “helping farmers to help themselves.”

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  • Garfield County Extension Newsletter, May-June 2019 

    WSU Garfield County Extension (2019-06)
  • Klickitat Clover Report, June 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-06)
  • Klickitat Clover Report, May 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-05)
  • Garfield County Extension Newsletter, March-April 2019 

    WSU Garfield County Extension (2019-04)
  • Ag Sounder, April 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-04)
  • Do black walnut trees have allelopathic effects on other plants? 

    Chalker-Scott, Linda (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    Gardeners have heard that black walnut trees (Juglans nigra) contain a toxic chemical called juglone that will kill any other plants growing nearby. This phenomenon is called allelopathy, and, in recent years, many other ...
  • Cornmeal and corn gluten meal applications in gardens and landscapes 

    Chalker-Scott, Linda (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    Cornmeal and corn gluten meal, both products from corn milling, are readily available to home gardeners. This fact sheet reviews the horticultural science behind each of these products and explains whether they have a legal ...
  • 2019 crop protection guide for tree fruits in Washington 

    DuPont, S. Tianna; Beers, Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Hull), 1955-; Nottingham, Louis, 1972-; Grove, Gary G.; Amiri, Achour; Daniels, Catherine H., 1957-; Schmidt, Tory; Kangiser, Joel; Klaus, Michael; Taylor, Lagene F.; Steffen, Gerald R.; Jones, Wendy (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
  • Unmanned aerial systems in agriculture. Part 3, Mid-sized UAS 

    Khot, Lav R.; Hoheisel, Gwen-Alyn; Zhou, Jianfeng, ǂd 1978- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    In recent years, the agribusiness industry has been trying to keep pace with rapid developments, one of which is in the sector of small unmanned aerial systems (UASs). These systems have gained the attention of growers and ...
  • Silver scurf begins belowground on potatoes in Western Washington 

    Inglis, Debbie, 1953-; Gundersen, Babette (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    Photographs of multiple sporulation and infectioncycle events on decaying seed potato pieces, including the roots, stolons, and progeny tubers of potato plants, indicate that silver scurf caused by Helminthosporium solani ...
  • Chronic conditions and hospitalizations : findings from a rural hospital 

    Mandal, Bidisha (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    It is important to understand if current healthcare systems are utilizing hospital resources efficiently and cost-effectively, and whether patients are receiving appropriate care in a timely manner. One of the ways to ...
  • The dairy bio-refinery 

    Yorgey, Georgine; Frear, Craig, 1964-; Kennedy, Nicholas; Kruger, Chad E. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-03)
    Anaerobic digestion is a notable waste management technology that produces renewable energy while improving livestock manure management. The process reduces the release of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), volatile organic ...
  • Extension Educator, March 2019 

    WSU Cowlitz County Extension Office (2019-03)
  • Grounded Newsletter, March 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-03)
    Volume 8, Number 1
  • Klickitat Clover Report, March 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-03)
  • Ag Sounder, March 2019 

    WSU Extension (2019-03)
  • Use of protective netting in Washington State apple production 

    Mupambi, Giverson; Layne, Desmond R.; Kalcsits, Lee A.; Musacchi, Stefano; Serra, Sara; Schmidt, Tory; Hanrahan, Ines (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-02)
    Washington State (WA) is the largest producer of apples in the United States. The major apple growing regions in WA are located in the semi-arid eastern half of the state which experiences harsh environmental conditions ...
  • Apple replant disease 

    Hewavitharana, Shashika Shivanthi, 1985-; DuPont, S. Tianna; Mazzola, Mark, 1960- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-02)
    Replant disease is a widespread problem in areas that grow tree fruit and nuts, greatly impacting intensive apple production. It is characterized by reduced productivity in fields repeatedly planted to the same or closely ...
  • Garden fertilizer calculator 

    Cogger, Craig George, 1950- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-02)
    These worksheets calculate fertilizer application rates for gardens, garden beds, lawns, single plants, and short rows, based on fertilizer recommendations. It is a companion to A Home Gardener’s Guide to Soils and ...
  • Using biosolids in gardens and landscapes 

    Cogger, Craig George, 1950- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-02)
    Closing the recycling loop means turning waste materials into useful products. We close the recycling loop in our gardens and landscapes when we use compost made from yard debris and food waste, and organic fertilizers ...

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