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This collection contains presentations and research created by Holly Luetkenhaus, Instruction Librarian at Washington State University. Luetkenhaus works primarily with the English composition program at WSU to promote, schedule, teach, and assess information literacy instruction. She also does outreach to Residence Life, First-Year Focus, and New Student Programs. Her primary research interests are library instruction, specifically aimed at first-year students, and the intersections of writing and research.

Recent Submissions

  • Teaching Strategic Searching Practices in Discovery Systems 

    Luetkenhaus, Holly (7/24/2015)
    Discovery systems are designed to enable students to one-stop shop for research. Because they can draw from multiple information sources, from discipline-specific databases to Google, the number of results returned for ...
  • First year course programmatic assessment: Final essay information literacy analysis 

    Luetkenhaus, Holly; Johnson, Corey M.; Borrelli, Steve (Reference and User Services Quarterly, 2015)
    Washington State University recently launched a new general education system with a foundational first year course called Roots of Contemporary Issues. Roots features a set of library research assignments and a culminating ...