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  • Interfacial treatment effects on behavior of soft nano-composites for highly stretchable dielectrics 

    Saleem, H.; Thunga, Mahendra; Kollosche, M.; Kessler, Michael; Laflamme, S. (Polymer, 2014)
    We investigate the influence of interfacial treatment on the matrix–filler interaction using a melt mixing process to fabricate robust and highly stretchable dielectrics. Silicone oil and silane coupling agent are studied ...
  • Modeling the interphase of a polymer-based nanodielectric 

    Daily, C.S.; Sun, Weixing; Kessler, Michael; Tan, Xiaoli; Bowler, N. (IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2014)
    A three-phase theoretical model is proposed that is suitable for describing the effective permittivity of polymer-matrix composites containing spherical nanoparticles. The model accounts for the presence of an interphase ...