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  • Retrofit of a Rubotherm ISOSORP® 2000 for PVT-x and sorption measurements at cryogenic temperatures 

    Leachman, Jacob; Richardson, Ian Andrew; Blackham, T. M.; Penoncello, S. G. (Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference–CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2014)
    Type V composite storage tanks have significantly increased the working pressures of cryogenic systems for aerospace applications. However, the current operating pressures often exceed the range of available mixture property ...
  • Revised Standardized Equation of State for Hydrogen Gas Densities for Fuel Consumption Applications 

    Leachman, Jacob; Lemmon, Eric W.; Huber, Marcia L. (Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2008)
    An equation for the density of hydrogen gas has been developed that agrees with the current standard to within 0.01% from 220 K to 1000 K with pressures up to 70 MPa, to within 0.01% from 255 K to 1000 K with pressures to ...
  • Schlieren Imaging Aid System Parts 

    Wells, Ian; Washington State University HYdrogen Properties for Energy Research Laboratory (2020)
  • The HOW of a Hydrogen Organized Washington — Technical version 

    Leachman, Jacob (MME Symposium Series, 9/17/2015)
    This presentation provides the technical details for how hydrogen could be created, stored, and used as part of the energy economy in Washington state and beyond.
  • The HOW of a Hydrogen Organized Washington — Business version 

    Leachman, Jacob (Avista Technical Seminar Series, 9/11/2015)
    This presentation makes a business case for making, storing, and using hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels. It presents research on storage and use of liquid hydrogen at Washington State University.
  • Thermodynamic properties status of deuterium and tritium 

    Leachman, Jacob; Richardson, Ian Andrew (Proceedings of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2012)
    Deuterium and tritium are seeing increased use in cryogenics as a fuel for nuclear fusion energy machines. The current Equation of State (EOS) for deuterium is based on work completed before the mid 1980's and tritium does ...
  • Thermophysical property modeling of a hydrogenic pellet production system 

    Leachman, Jacob; Pfotenhauer, J. M.; Nellis, G. F. (Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference–CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2010)
    Solid hydrogenic pellets are used as fuel for fusion energy machines like the ITER device. This paper discusses the numerical modeling of a Pellet Production System (PPS) that is used to generate these pellets. The PPS ...
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research at WSU 

    Leachman, Jacob (2014)
    This presentation describes efforts at Washington State University to design and test liquid hydrogen-fueled unmanned aerial vehicles. It was presented to the Washington Congressional Staff on August 7, 2014, and the Spokane ...