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  • Anthropology in/of Circulation: The Future of Open Access and Scholarly Societies 

    Kelty, Christopher M.; Fischer, Michael M. J.; Golub, Alex; Jackson, Jason Baird; Christen, Kimberly; Brown, Michael F.; Boellstorff, Tom (Cultural Anthropology, 2008-08)
    Presented here is a conversation among anthropologists whose research and experience have given them special insight into recent changes in the ways scholarship is produced and shared.
  • Archival Challenges and Digital Solutions in Aboriginal Australia 

    Christen, Kimberly (Society for American Archaeology, 2008-08)
    This article considers the shift in museums and archives toward repatriating cultural materials to indigenous communities and how digital technologies play into this trend. It notes challenges inherent to the digitization ...
  • Changing the Default: Taking Aboriginal Systems of Accountability Seriously 

    Christen, Kimberly (World Anthropologies Network, 2006-05)
    In what follows, the author examines how recent indigenous digital projects challenge both expanded copyright laws as a means to “protect” indigenous culture and the very notion of “communal” rights as the primary state ...
  • Does Information Really Want to be Free? Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Question of Openness 

    Christen, Kimberly (International Journal of Communication, 2012)
    The "information wants to be free" meme was born some 20 years ago from the free and open source software development community. In the ensuing decades, information freedom has merged with debates over open access, digital ...
  • Opening Archives: Respectful Repatriation 

    Christen, Kimberly (American Archivist, 2011)
    In the last twenty years, many collecting institutions have heeded the calls by indigenous activists to integrate indigenous models and knowledge into mainstream practices. The digital terrain poses both possibilities and ...
  • Tracking Properness: Repackaging Culture in a Remote Australian Town 

    Christen, Kimberly (Cultural Anthropology, 2006-08)
    This article examines the production and circulation of digitized indigenous traditions as cultural objects that repackage tradition and reposition indigeneity. From its initial release in 2000, Yawulyu Mungamunga Women's ...
  • Tribal Archives, Traditional Knowledge, and Local Contexts: Why the “s” Matters 

    Christen, Kimberly (Journal of Western Archives, 2015)
    In this article I examine the landscape of tribal or Indigenous archival management as it relates to digital assets and, more specifically, how these might help us reimagine the intellectual property needs of local, ...