This collection contains scholarly work by Afshin Khan, PhD student in astrobiology under the umbrella of “Earth and Environmental Sciences” at Washington State University. Khan has research interests in geomicrobiology and biogeochemistry. For her doctoral project, she has utilized advanced imaging, genomics and geoanalytical techniques to study and characterize the geochemistry and its biogenic interactions with the microbial community of a natural asphalt lake and its relevance to planetary science advancement. Her undergraduate and post-graduate (masters) education and training was in molecular/microbiology, genetics and biochemistry and their applications in biotechnology.

Recent Submissions

  • Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh 

    Khan, Afshin; Nes, Craigen; Monda, Steven; Abdul, Mohamed; Rehwaldt, Jordan; Ness, Brittany (2014-04)
    Exposure to arsenic in drinking water is a major problem worldwide posing a serious threat to human health. Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh has been described as the largest mass poisoning of a population in history. Over ...
  • The Express Influenza A+B Test 

    Khan, Afshin; Nes, Craigen; Quisenberry, Chrystal; Mendes, Desiree; Havko, Nathan; Ogden, Aaron (2013-12)
    We propose a business model based on the application of new antibody technologies that will revolutionize rapid disease diagnostics. Currently, rapid diagnostic tests rely on the production of monoclonal antibodies that ...
  • Review report for bio-regenerative solar cells: A sustainable source of energy 

    Khan, Afshin (2012-12)
    Building bio-regenerative solar panels for harnessing energy for deep space research instrumentation is one of the goals being pursued by space research agencies worldwide. Photosynthesis is being employed as the major ...