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  • Historical Ecology in the Mesa Verde Region: Results From The Village Project 

    Varien, Mark D.; Ortman, Scott G.; Kohler, Timothy A.; Glowacki, Donna M.; Johnson, C. David (American Antiquity, 2007)
    Using the occupation histories of 3,176 habitation sites, new estimates of maize-agriculture productivity, and an analysis of over 1,700 construction timbers, we examine the historical ecology of Pueblo peoples during their ...
  • The social consequences of climate change in the Central Mesa Verde region 

    Schwindt, Dylan M.; Bocinsky, R. Kyle; Ortman, Scott G.; Glowacki, Donna M.; Varien, Mark D.; Kohler, Timothy A. (American Antiquity, 2016)
    The consequences of climate change vary over space and time. Effective studies of human responses to climatically induced environmental change must therefore sample the environmental diversity experienced by specific ...