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  • Exploration and exploitation in the macrohistory of the pre-Hispanic Pueblo Southwest 

    Bocinsky, R. Kyle; Rush, Johnathan; Kintigh, Keith W.; Kohler, Timothy A. (Science Advances, 2016)
    Cycles of demographic and organizational change are well documented in Neolithic societies, but the social and ecological processes underlying them are debated. Such periodicities are implicit in the “Pecos classification,” ...
  • Forum: Grand Challenges for Archaeology 

    Kintigh, Keith W.; Altschul, Jeffrey H.; Beaudry, Mary C.; Drennan, Robert D.; Kinzig, Ann P.; Kohler, Timothy A.; Limp, W. Fredrick; Maschner, Herbert D.G.; Michener, William K.; Pauketat, Timothy R.; Peregrine, Peter; Sabloff, Jeremy A.; Wilkinson, Tony J.; Wright, Henry T.; Zeder, Melinda A. (American Antiquity, 2014)
    This article represents a systematic effort to answer the question, What are archaeology’s most important scientific challenges? Starting with a crowd-sourced query directed broadly to the professional community of ...